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Getting started with GEEV

GEEV offers many great options like direct messaging between GEEVERS (our users) so you can meet, give away or adopt items, and giving a second life to things you no longer need


Find free stuff nearby!

Turn giving into a game

Watch as your avatar evolves from Baby GEEVER to top GEEVER as you collect badges and earn points with each item you give away, find in the street or collect for yourself!

Direct messaging

Use your bananas to message other GEEVERS if you want an item and they can book it for you. After that, contact them to arrange a convenient time for pick up

Your Profile

Manage all of your ads with ease directly from your profile

Go bananas with GEEV!

Use bananas to contact the other GEEVERS. Bananas are 100% free and automatically update and renew themselves every 9 hours

GEEV-away boxes have never been simpler

The age of throwing out perfectly function objects is finally over!

Read testimonials from our GEEVERS


Convinced GEEVER

“ This app allows users to give and adopt items really easily and above all, it makes people happy! It’s a great collaborative and fair idea that allows users to give a second life to objects we no longer use, sleeping in our closets! Well conceived and easy to use app. I totally recommend it! ”

Well conceived and easy to use app

Arnaud D'Hoine

Loyal Geever

“ This is an eco-friendly and socially responsible app. Rather than tossing out items you no longer use, why not give them a new life? From finding unique gifts to finding items placed out in the street, anything is possible with GEEV. A well designed app, easy to use and essential to being eco-friendly and socially responsible. Bravo! ”

Eco-friendly and socially responsible app

Laure-Anna GD

Very active GEEVER

“ This is the app we never knew we needed on all of our smartphones. We can finally give and adopt objects at any time and it’s super easy! I could easily give away furniture that I didn’t want anymore, very convenient! ”

THE app we never knew we needed

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